WP T1 – Inventory of the regulatory aspect of poured-in-place concrete and shell co-products


WP T2 – Concrete formulations and characterizations

  • T2.1.1 – Characterization of raw materials
  • T2.1.2 – Formulations and optimization
  • T2.1.3 – Mechanical and hydraulic characterization at the laboratory scale
  • T2.2.1 – Technical report on numerical modelling data for mixtures


WP T3 – Implementation, instrumentation and evaluation

  • T3.1.1, T3.2.1, T3.3.1, T3.4.1, T3.5.1 – Pilot Site Implementation
  • T3.1.2, T3.2.2, T3.3.2, T3.4.2 – Instrumentation of pilot sites
  • T3.4.1 – Hydrological and chemical assessment report of the pilot sites in the United Kingdom and France


WP T4 – Dissemination and transfer of results


WP T5 – Business model and Life Cycle Analysis